We provide support on a wide variety of products to help your business stay running smoothly.

How can we help repair your computer?

Isn’t it quite frustrating to find your PC not working when you need it the most? Have you noticed that your computer always requires a repair at the worst time? Maybe you have to create a slideshow presentation within a few days, or you need to use your computer to respond customer’s queries via online chat – no matter what your need, getting your computer up and running at its peak is essential.

Reality check: Virus and malware removal and definition updates, operating system upgrades, hardware installation, repair and replacement, disk drive defragmentation, are only a temporary solution … if not combined with a full and proper computer repair and repair services.

Denver Computer Mechanics (DCM) offers a complete array of computer repair and repair services, both onsite and remote, in Denver, such as:

  1. Hardware and software repair, replacement, upgrades, installation (motherboard replacement; memory upgrades)
  2. PC repair, troubleshooting, setup, installation, training, and tutoring
  3. Virus and spyware removal (anti-virus installation)
  4. Data recovery
  5. Operating system updates, installation, formatting
  6. System security testing
  7. Wired and wireless networking

Also, an initial full computer diagnosis test will also be conducted to know why your system may not be working at its peak condition. Our computer technicians will then evaluate the issue and contact you again for authorization to repair.  Check out our services here. 


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Hassle-Free Computer Repair and Upgrades

The right upgrades can bring productivity and efficiency to your business. But newer is not always better, as it does not always bring benefits greater than the cost of an upgrade. So when do you know it’s time to upgrade?

  1. The resource demands of the organization increases, but the hardware and software can no longer meet them.
  2. When the hardware and software no longer offer features that the organization is looking for.
  3. When a piece of hardware or software no longer meets the compliance needs of GLBA, PCI, FISMA, or SOX.

Upgrading computer resources can be an overwhelming task. You need to take into account the age, utilization, importance, cost, and compliance of your IT assets.

And there are other little things you need to think of:

  • Your old software may not work on a new computer.
  • New software may demand more resources that your computer can handle.

That is why when it is time to make an upgrade of your computer hardware and software, DCM will make the process easy for you, from start to finish.

We will help you determine if upgrading is beneficial for your business. If it is, we will put all the pieces together and prioritize to make the transition from the old to the new smooth, fast, and easy, with the right upgrades.

On-Site Computer Repair

Let our local Denver computer and business experts come to you!

DMC serves both residential as well as business and can assist with all of your IT and computer support needs – and show you how to avoid those same computer problems from happening in the future.

Computers and technology can cause untold frustrations when it doesn’t work as it should. While our main objective is to help our clients minimize computer repair and repairs – we understand that it can happen again. If you are in Denver and need full computer repair – we can help!

Whether you are in Denver or its surrounding areas, we can immediately send one (or more if needed) of our Denver computer support technicians to you.

This way, you don’t have to worry about taking your desktop PC or laptop to a local depot for repair. Our on-site Denver computer repair and repair support offer personalized service at your location.

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Get Efficient & Competent PC Specialists

PCs running on most operating systems – Windows, iOS, Linux, or any other OS – requires regular repair and updating, especially if it’s connected to the Internet.

New vulnerabilities will come up and patched. That is why your number one priority should be always to keep your computer up-to-date with regular updates and service packs.

Provided that your computer parts are still covered under warranty and you have time, your best option would be sending your machine back to the PC manufacturer for repair.

Of course, in most cases, it is always a good idea to repair your PC from the manufacturer. However, a computer user, often has to wait a long time to get their PC back from the manufacturer, after repair.

In fact, most PCs nowadays, both brand name and no-name brand, can be easily be repaired and serviced by any experienced technician. Computer parts are often universal, and if not, compatible parts can quickly be located.

So, when your computer needs a full computer service and repair, who should you turn to? Finding a reliable specialist capable of providing a full PC repair in an efficient and competent manner can be difficult these days. Let DCM offer you our support service.

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“Personable and Trustworthy”

“Denver Computer Mechanics are knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. Every time I have any problems with a computer in my business they are my first call. Their people are personable and trustworthy. I recommend them to everyone.”

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We provide support on a wide variety of products to help your business stay running smoothly.

  • IT Consulting
  • Full Computer Maintenance
  • Windows and Mac Repair & Support
  • Email Support
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Server Support (2003, 2008, 2012, 2016)
  • Servers, Workstations
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Network Support (switches, routers)
  • Printer Repair and Maintenance
  • Website Design and Support Services

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